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always forget that the water has already boiled so i end up reheating it many many times
wanna ride a motocross

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Czech photographer Miloslav Druckmüller from the Brno University of Technology reveals the awesome beauty of the solar corona with these amazing composite images that he created by using 47 photos taken during a total solar eclipse.

To achieve the crystal clear effect the shots are comprised from some 40+ photos taken with two different lenses. Additional clarity was achieved due to the incredibly remote location chosen to view the eclipse from, a pier just outside the Enewetak Radiological Observatory on the Marshall Islands, smack dab in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You can see several more images from the project at Druckmüller’s website and don’t miss this much higher resolution version including some 209 stars.

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Drawings from the Awesome

Akira Beard

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I want companionship but I hate people

if you feel this way, you’re probably an introvert!  because an introvert’s brain stays at a higher state of arousal than an extrovert, lots of socializing can cause overstimulation (which translates into feeling overwhelmed).  this is why introverts do well with just a few strong relationships and need lots of alone time to recharge after being around people.

introverts make up around 30% of the population, but that number is likely much higher on Tumblr (it’s an activity that attracts introverts).


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they are everywhere

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